Republican Senate President Joe Scarnati got his wish: he and other legislative leaders finally met with Gov. Corbett Monday to talk budget.

Last week, the top Senate Republican complained that there were only nine weeks left to hammer out an agreement on Corbett's proposed $28.4 billion budget, yet there still hadn't been a meeting between the governor and legislative leaders.

But the two sides finally met this morning to begin talks, and those who follow state politics know the stakes are high. Corbett has an aggressive agenda that he wants approved along with the budget - some would argue too aggressive, as the issues are complex and there is not much time left to get the work done.

The governor's top three priorities: finding a transportation funding solution, reining in the cost of public employee pensions and privatizing liquor sales.

As it stands now, the House and Senate can't agree with each other, let alone the governor, on any of those three.

"I'm not the one that sets the pace," said Corbett.

Still, he appeared optimistic, saying this of the legislature: "It's amazing what they can get done when they put their mind to it."

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