In the words of one popular modern-day songstress:
"Oops. I did it again."
Gov. Corbett on Friday scooped Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R., Jefferson) on a key committee chairman announcement.
Corbett sent a congratulatory tweet to Sen. Mike Folmer (R., Lebanon), a school voucher supporter, who apparently is at least in line to replace retiring Sen. Jeff Piccola (R., Dauphin) as chairman of the powerful education committee.
It seems the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association broke the news first, according to the online news service Capitolwire with Corbett retweeting them.
The only problem was, Scarnati had not yet made any announcement of committee chairs for the 2013-2014 session.
“There are several determinations that have yet to be made. And this process is like all has to work before the Senator [Scarnati] will announce the slate of final decisions,” said Scarnati spokesman Drew Crompton in an email to Capitolwire. “Nothing is final until the Senator announces and they are read across the desk.”
Things are getting cozy out there between Corbett and his allies in the twittersphere.
The surprise tweet came just days after Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-brothers backed, anti-Obamacare group got the jump on Corbett's announcement on the health care exchange decision. It sent out a press release Wednesday praising the governor for rejecting a state-run health exchange. When informed of the release by this reporter, Corbett's office quickly issued its own release. 
After our report Democrats and news commentators raised the issue of back room deals on major decisions involving all state residents, when other so-called "stakeholders," for instance, hospitals, were not informed ahead of the decision ahead of time.

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