On the same day the Liquor Control Board named its new executive director we learn that Pennsylvania got slammed by Time for being one of the three "worst drinking states."

The magazine last month - on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the end of Prohibition - named the three best and worst drinking states.

Rounding out the bottom three states, along with Utah ("most restrictive laws") and Massachusetts (most restrictive student drinking laws, plus no happy hours), was Pennsylvania, for its confusing liquor sales system. Writes reporter Christopher Matthews:

If you're not from the Keystone State, stocking up for a party can be a pretty confusing task. All wine and liquor sold in the state are done so by state-owned liquor stores, which don't sell beer at all. If you want a six-pack of brews, you would think that a "beer distributor" would be the place to go, except that those establishments are only allowed to sell cases. For anything less you have to go to a restaurant with a liquor control board-issued license. Got all that? Me neither. Who needs a drink?

We learned about the ranking from pro liquor privatization leader @RepTurzai (House Majority leader Mike Turzai of Allegheny Co.), who tweeted: "I can't believe Pennsylvania is part of this," followed by a tweet asking the twittersphere whether it agreed with the ranking and what it thought about liquor reform.

Even as the legislature debates the future of the liquor system, the LCB forged ahead today naming John E. Metzger as the new acting executive director, filling a vacancy created when former CEO Joe Conti retired in Feb. 2013. Metzger has been the LCB's supply chain director since 2010.

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