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When moving to opportunity offers no opportunity at all: A lesson from the Great Migration | Brain Trust

Economist Ellora Derenoncourt studied the way northern cities responded to black migration.

Israel has thousands of young men who carry assault rifles. Why don’t they commit mass shootings? | Perspective

With so many weapons available, why doesn’t Israel have mass shootings like we do in America?


When police think they’re seen as racist, that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy | Brain Trust

New research looks at how the perception of police as racist impacts police officers themselves.


Framing addiction as a disease: Research shows that message might backfire | Brain Trust

A new column focusing on research that's useful to Philly tackles a study on how we talk about addiction.


What to expect when your city is expecting a supervised injection site: Lessons from around the globe | Perspective

The Inquirer wanted to hear from the people on the ground who made some of these sites a reality (or are actively trying do so) with the hope that as Philadelphia moves forward, those involved can learn from the hard work of people who have already been through the process.


Democratic Primary Debate: Responses across the web after night one | Perspective

What did viewers think of the first Democratic presidential debate?

A Harvard researcher has a plan to solve Philly's homicide crisis | Q&A

"To reduce violence, focus on the damn violence."


I’m not Super Dad, but because I’m a man, the world treats me like one | Perspective

Fathers, we do less, receive praise for the little we do, and even get a pay raise for it.


'I really thought more people care.' What 7 first-time candidates learned from the Philly primary.

First-time candidates share what they learned on the campaign trail and what’s next for them.

My voting FOMO: Let noncitizens vote in local elections | Perspective

Providing services to immigrants is great, but including non-citizens as equal partners in Philly's democracy would be even better.