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Philly can learn a lot about criminal justice reform and public safety from Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx | Q&A

In the three years since Kim Foxx took office, Chicago's homicides and shootings have dropped by nearly 40%.


Antiracist solidarity, not political exploitation, is the way to end the surge of anti-Semitic attacks | Opinion

Anti-Semitic attacks have long been exploited to promote injustice. Instead of making Jews safer, it produces more harm.


Is Philly's soda tax working? And other questions research helped us answer in 2019 | Brain Trust

For the last Brain Trust of 2019, a look at the research that should inform the conversation in 2020.


Why drugs and violence concentrate in Kensington — and what Philadelphia can do about it | Brain Trust

A new study reveals how Kensington's Puerto Rican population became uniquely vulnerable to the narcotics trade and the violence that comes with it.


When Thanksgiving dinner gets political, don't leave early — argue | Brain Trust

Americans are so afraid of arguing over politics, they are cutting Thanksgiving dinner short.

Sixers fans swarm for the Mike Scott Hive for camaraderie and community as much as sports

Sixers fans come together for Mike Scott both online and in real life.


How do we end the cycle of childhood trauma passed from parents to kids? | Brain Trust

Treating parents’ trauma might help not just them, but also their kids.


Ronan Farrow’s ‘Catch and Kill’ dispels the notion that women can easily weaponize sexual assault allegations

This is a story of the ruling class of men who protect one another — and of the courage of women who speak up despite the social, and often legal, repercussions.


Gun violence is expensive. So is responding to it in the wrong way. | Brain Trust

Baltimore implemented a gun offender registry as a part of their effort to curb violent crime. It's not working, and it reduces housing values.


With Hahnemann closed, expect more shootings to turn into homicides | Brain Trust

The only difference between a nonfatal and fatal shooting could be access to health care.