Statistics can sometimes be deceiving. They can also be revealing. So the question posed to Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was simple: What does he make out of the fact that the Eagles are 3-0 when LeSean McCoy gets at least 20 carries, and 0-6 when he gets fewer than 20 carries?

"I make that we're in four-minute [offense] at the end of the game, so he gets a few more carries," Mornhinweg said. "It's just simple."

This is a factual inaccuracy, though. McCoy has had five carries in the final four minutes of wins this season. Five.

Told that the Eagles came from behind in their wins, Mornhinweg didn't waver.

"I think LeSean is eighth in carries and fourth in total touches; I don't think there's a problem there," Mornhinweg said. "Every game is different. You have to dig into every game. And usually the ball carriers a few more carries when you're ahead in the four minute and toward the end of the game."

Mornhinweg was correct about the amount of carries and touches that McCoy has. So it's not as if he isn't being used. But the carries number is telling -- 20 or more, the Eagles win. Twenty or fewer, the Eagles lose.