Andy Reid shared some thoughts about the decision to let Brian Dawkins walk away and his plans at linebacker and tight end next season as he took questions from readers here on Wednesday afternoon.

In several instances, Reid did not say much about on-field issues, free agency or the NFL lockout. But he did show fans a somewhat lighter side of his personality, poking fun at himself and taking on off-beat questions in ways he sometimes does when he's away from cameras. Among the topics he covered: his favorite sports teams, top sandwiches, and the time his children tricked him into shaving his mustache (see below).

Jeff McLane hosted the chat, choosing the questions and typing Reid's responses. Below are a few highlights, plus a thought or two from me. The full chat is here.

Comment From Nick: Is the offensive strategy going to change much now that you've had an offseason to prepare knowing Vick is your starter?
Andy Reid: Nick, Not really. We'll just try to refine some things coming out of the season that we thought we should work on, but offense will remain the same.

Comment From Nick: What other sports/teams are you a fan of?
Andy Reid:
I'm a fan of the Phillies. Really, all the Philly teams. Lakers because he's from LA. The Dodgers. … BYU is always No. 1.

-- One ambitious questioner got all of the free agency/trade speculation into one post:

Comment From jonathan: hey andy what you think are the chances are these players will be targeted during fa or trade namdi asomugha,albert hanyesworth,rey edwardes,charles johnson and what about plex if we can get at least 2 of these guys we would be contenders for the next couple of years we need a superbowl now namdi and rey edwards should be the main focus what do you think
Andy Reid:
That's what we do. ... Howie and I look at all the guys. ... We've looked at all the possiblities.

Comment From Ernesto Foldats: Is Plaxico Burress a Red Zone Solution. This is a weeknes in Eagles Offence. Thank you (From Venezuela)
Andy Reid: Plaxico was a great player in all areas of the field before he was incarcerated. ... I'm sure he's working like crazy to get himself in shape. Other than that, we haven't gone any further in regards to Plaxico.

Comment From Fat Chaz from Gside: What is your favorite sandwich?
Andy Reid: Cheesesteaks/Tommie Burgers (in LA).

Comment From The Rad One: How do I know this is the real Andy Reid? Tell me something only Andy Reid would know...did Donovan McNabb throw up in the Super Bowl?
Andy Reid: I'm on the eighth hole on my belt.

Comment From chris: IS there a FA that the Eagles feel they Must Sign?
Andy Reid: We have a couple to a handful of guys that we have targeted. ... But we understand you don't build your team through FA.

Comment From EaglesR#1: Looking back, was not signing B-Dawk a mistake?
Andy Reid:
I think it's worked out for both teams. Brian was able to make a substantial amount of money and play for a good team ... and we were able to draft a number of good players to help us now in the years to come.

Comment From Chris East Falls: What are you going to do differently this year so that Brent Celek gets involved more?
Andy Reid:
We did a great job with our down the field throws last season. Our short to intermediate game we need to go back and look at that and point a more emphasis on that.

-- I find this answer interesting – it seems to acknowledge that the Eagles offense was too much boom and bust last year. When it was clicking, the Eagles could run opponents off the field. But as those big plays became rarer late in the year, we saw that the Eagles struggled to sustain drives in some big situations. Maybe Celek is part of the answer there. -- JT

Comment From Lance: What are your thoughts on Stewart Bradley playing SAM? And the chances he is back as the eagles starting MLB next year?
Andy Reid:When you talk about our SAM LB, I think Stewart could do that,. Chaney could do that. Fokou has done that. Fokou and Chaney could do both SAM and WILL. Bradley, though, gives you years of experience at the MIKE.

-- I thought this was another telling answer. While Reid hinted earlier in the offseason that Bradley could play SAM, here he seems now to be leaning to putting him back in the middle. If that happens, my guess is that would put Chaney at WIL, where he could use his speed to make sideline-to-sideline plays. -- JT

Comment From Adam: when was the last time you didn't have a mustache??
Andy Reid:
I went to Australia the summer after the Super Bowl ('04) and my kids changed the level on my mustache trimmer on zero and I shaved off half off and took off the rest.

For more, including Reid's thoughts on LeSean McCoy, Jaiquawn Jarrett, life on other planets and his favorite movies, check out the full chat.