Nutter addresses the crowd in Roxbourgh

Link: Nutter eyes charter change to make row-offices cuts [Daily News]

Nutter says that he's looking at eliminating or consolidating the city's "row offices" - which include the Sheriff, Clerk of Quarter Sessions and others. To do so, he would need City Council to approve legislation for a ballot measure to change the city's Home Rule Charter. Voters would then have to decide.

"We're looking at everything that is independent and not within the direct jurisdiction of the executive branch of the government," Nutter said when asked which offices he was reviewing. "This has nothing to do with the leadership or the individuals in those capacities. I'm not picking on them."

After another month of stock-market declines and reduced city tax revenues, Nutter said that the five-year budget shortfall will be larger than the $1 billion he announced in November.

Nutter repeatedly said yesterday that every aspect of the city's government, including all agencies and officials not under his control, needed to be "re-evaluated" during the fiscal crisis to see if there are more efficient ways of doing business.