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Tonight, the School Reform Commission will hold a hearing about its budget for the upcoming school year. But the parents group Parents United for Public Education doesn't like what it's been hearing out of the district about where it plans to spend. So it's taking to Twitter to reveal some "fun facts" about the district's expenses.

The facts are indeed fun. Here are a few:

Fun Fact 3 on Philly school's budget: The District's 20-person communications office is four times larger than the Mayor's.

Fun Fact 5 on Philly school budget: Cuts 3800+ personnel but Oprah's Stedman Graham has a contract to run a teen program!

Fun Fact 6 on Philly school budget: To date, Teach for America's contract has more than doubled to $668K in two years.

Fun fact on Philly school budget: McGraw Hill testing contract boosted 66% from $5M to $8.3M this year.

One tweet reports the school district's communication team costs $2.8 million, and the schools have $986,000 in public relations contracts.

"We need to have accountability," Gym said. "And there are no questions being asked."

As you must know by now, the district has a big budget gap and has threatened big cuts. The city is debating helping out with more money.

They'll be doing this all day: @ParentsUnitedPA.

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