The team will actually be hosting a catered party on the field during the derby by way of a 12-foot net strung from first to third base. Fans will be eating, drinking, and generally partying as baseballs go flying over their heads (and occasionally directly at the net directly in front of them).

That's already pretty nuts, but the R-Phils have upped the ante by providing all kinds of targets for the competitors to hit. But they're not just big, cardboard targets. No. They're going to be things like a dunk-tank. And a guy on a trampoline with a baseball glove. Oh, and the best part? The R-Phils are going to hang an intern from a crane. If the intern can catch a batted ball, it'll be worth tons of points to the hitter.

In short, it's going to be totally awesome and we'll be there to get totally awesome video for you. Oh, and if you feel like going in person, tickets are still available.