Imagine this: Your beloved blind dog disappears.

Then your landlord reports him dead.

Then the shelter - where he was brought very much alive - can't track you down because your dog's tags have old information on them.

A month goes by. The clock is ticking. The staff prepares to euthanize your dog.

Ah, but enter the holiday miracle called Craig's List.

That's when the cyberstars aligned for Stevie Oedipus Wonder and his loving family in San Antonio this holiday season.

Turns out Stevie's family had placed a "lost dog" alert on Craig's List.

Just in the nick of time, the shelter staff member charged with getting pets out alive (read euthanasia avoidance angel) clicked on Craig's List and saw the ad.

More details on Stevie's story and the happy reunion here.

Moral of the story: Get your dog licensed (microchipping is highly recommended too). In Pennsylvania it's time to get your 2012 dog license. The price is cheap and the rewards priceless. Check in with your county treasurer's office or local pet stores and other dealers. Most of the proceeds go to the state to help fund dog law enforcement efforts.