Perhaps, it's no surprise that the candidate named Wolf would be tops in animal lovers' hearts.

And so it was that Democratic candidate for governor Tom Wolf won the endorsement of Humane PA, the political action committee that represents tens of thousands of Pennsylvania pet people.

In its endorsement announcement yesterday the group said it chose Wolf - along with Brad Koplinski as the lieutenant governor - as its picks for statewide office in the May primary.

The group said it made its choice after reviewing voting records of candidates who had held office, results of a survey on the top issues for animal lovers, including banning the round-the-clock chaining of dogs and ending live pigeon shoots. It also solicited and received statements on animal welfare issues from each of the four candidates for governor before landing on Wolf, a businessman from York County.

Here's how the group explained its decision:

We are fortunate this election in that many races are between strong, humane oriented candidates. An example of one such race is the Democratic race for Governor. All four candidates had strong statements and we had difficulty choosing among them, so we asked our members to vote on the strongest statement and the clear frontrunner is Tom Wolf who came in with 65% of the vote. The animals are also fortunate to have very strong humane candidates for Lieutenant Governor, making the endorsement process an agonizing pleasure, however Brad Koplinski has been a vocal and active leader on many issues, including tethering, edging out the others in the endorsement process.

A spokesman said Wolf is thankful for Humane PA's endorsement.Tom is committed to making sure that all animals are treated humanely," said Wolf spokesman Mark Nicastre. "He will work to crack down on inhumane treatment of animals, improve protections of animals, and fund enforcement so that those who mistreat animals are held accountable."

The group also endorsed a number of candidates in contested races for state House and Senate.

In a recent poll, the group found 86 percent of voters support elected officials who support animal issues.

See the full list of endorsements here. To read what other gubernatorial candidates had to say about animals click here on the Humane PA homepage and scroll down to candidate responses..