When the Phillies fired Charlie Manuel, the team indicated the 69-year-old manager could have a lifetime job in the organization. Manuel was not immediately ready to accept the offer. He believed he could still lead another team.

Talks between Ruben Amaro Jr. and Manuel have continued into the offseason. Amaro, the general manager, said they spoke a few days ago. He reiterated the franchise's desire to retain Manuel in some advisory role, similar to what the team did with Dallas Green and Pat Gillick.

"Charlie is in the process of deciding what he wants to do," Amaro said. "He would be a valuable member of our organization. I think he could help in a variety of ways. Hopefully we can work it out. We have made him an offer. Hopefully it would be something he'd be interested in doing.

"Charlie is in a position right now where he doesn't have to do anything. But I think he's always been pretty fond of the Phillies and the feeling is mutual. Hopefully we can bring him back. If not, that will certainly be his choice."

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