11:10 a.m.

Now she sings the praises of John McCain as a reformer and a hero. And she blasts Obama for having voted in 2007 to cut off funding for the troops in Iraq.

"We need a leader with experience, good judgment, courage and truthfulness...and that man is John McCain."

She promises to balance the federal budget by the end of the McCain-Palin first term, and portrays the ticket as a pair of proven reformers. Then she touts her record as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska and talks about the need to achieve energy independence.

"We believe America is not the problem. America is the solution...We believe, too, that it is in God we trust."

And after half an hour, she's finished. Now, back to Stevie Wonder..

10:48 a.m.

And she arrives, accompanied by a recording of Stevie Wonder singing "Isn't She Lovely."

Palin begins with a reference to the Phillies: "Philly fans, you do knjow all about turning an underdog into a victory. Please help us do that on Election Day."

She quickly gets to the tax theme, saying that Obama is a politician who wants to redistribute your money through higher taxes.

"John McCain will cut taxes for every American, and Sen. Obama wants to raise them."

She talks a lot about the famous Joe the Plumber, who met Obama earlier this week in Ohio and told him he thought his tax plan sounded "socialist."

Then onto ACORN and the allegations of voter-registration fraud: "It is not mean-spiritied, it is not negative campaigning when we talk about someone's record and his associations."

10:33 a.m

Sarah Palin's appearance in Lancaster is part of Pennsylvania blitz of sorts by the McCain campaign today. Todd Palin is making three stops in the central part of the state, concluding with a visit to the tailgaters in State College before the Penn State-Michigan football game. Cindy McCain is scheduled to make a late-afternoon speech in Wilkes-Barre. All this comes as polls continue toi show Barack Obama up by double digits in Pennsylvania.

The trraveling press corps has arrived. So it should be showtime soon.

10;18 a.m.

It's morning in Lancaster, and the Republican faithful are filling up most of the seats at Clipper Magazine Stadium, the home of the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball team, awaiting the arrival of Sarah Palin. This is Palin's second visit to Lancaster in the campaign, her first solo. She and John McCain spoke at Franklin and Marshall College back in September.

The warmup speakers are talking now and rarely has the term "warmup" been more appropriate. It is cold, cloudy, and blustery. Among the signs in the crowd: "It's not the economy, it's life." and "It's the Democrats' economy, stupid."

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