MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall took actor Scott Baio to task in an interview on Tuesday over what she called an "incendiary tweet about Hillary Clinton," asking the former Happy Days star, "Where was your moral compass?"

Baio, a Trump supporter who gave a brief speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday, tweeted a photo earlier this month of Hillary Clinton in which she can be seen standing in front of the word "count," blocking out the "o." As a result, the image appears to depict the "C-word":

Hall, a Temple University alumnus and trustee, confronted Baio Tuesday on MSNBC regarding the tweet, as well as others similar to it that the actor has sent in the past. Baio mounted his defense, saying that "I just put it up there," and later insisting "I didn't call her anything."

"You talk about religion coming back to this country and us having a moral barometer," Hall said at one point. "Where was your moral compass when you put a photo of a woman that you disagree with politically and that's fine."

Baio, meanwhile, told Hall it was "not nice" to question him about his religion.

In addition to the Clinton tweet, Hall pressed Baio about a separate incident in which the actor tweeted an image of Michelle Obama with a caption reading "Wow. He wakes up to this every morning."

"I'm a guy from Brooklyn," Baio responded. "I have a certain sense of humor."

Watch the full interview below: