A former bass player for The Roots has filed a lawsuit against members of the group, claiming the band owes him money in connection with a deal agreed upon prior to a cancer diagnosis that forced him to quit performing.

Leonard "Hub" Hubbard, a Philadelphia resident, joined the band in 1992, and held his position until 2007, when doctors diagnosed him with myeloma, a plasma cancer. Ultimately, Hubbard left the group due to his health that same year, just two years before the group exploded in popularity as Jimmy Fallon's backup band in 2009.

Hubbard claims in the suit that his deal with The Roots allowed for him to continue collecting paychecks as an early member and co-owner, despite not playing music with the group currently. However, as the lawsuit notes, a now-deceased manager threatened Hubbard via an email in 2014, saying he was going to lose his share of the group's revenue, as well as his health insurance.

Now, Hubbard is suing founding members Questlove and Black Thought, along with current manager Shawn Gee, claiming each is collecting "disproportionately high compensation" from the group's efforts. The suit was filed Wednesday in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Representatives of Questlove and Black Thought have declined comment on the lawuit, which was first reported by TMZ.