Tack on the scoreless final 4:41 of the Oct. 5 Rams game to the shutout of the Giants two Sundays ago and the Eagles have now held opponents scoreless for the last 64:41.

If they can keep the Arizona Cardinals off the board for most of the first quarter Sunday, they could make their way onto the list below, which is the longest shutout stretches by the Eagles since 1980. (That is the earliest season we can readily find definitive times for all scoring.)

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♦ Their Eagles' longest shutout stretch in the last 35 seasons is the 129:53 that the 1980 squad held opponents off the board. A few weeks earlier that defense had unfurled a shutout streak of 76:31, the ninth-longest streak during the period we examined.

♦ The only time the Eagles have ever registered back-to-back shutouts was in 1948, when they blanked the Giants (Oct.10) and the Redskins (Oct. 17) and even held the Bears (Oct. 24) scoreless for the first half. The Birds scored 97 consecutive points over those 10 periods.

♦ The last NFL team to toss consecutive shutouts was the Dallas Cowboys in Weeks 16 & 17 of the 2009 season.

♦ The only NFL teams (since 1940) to have three consecutive shutouts were the 1970 Cardinals and the Steelers, who did it during Games 7-8-9 of the 1976 season and closed out that season with a pair (Games 13-14) and started 1977 with one (Game 1).