On Saturday, we noted a report from TMZ that according to court documents, DeSean Jackson said that he accepted a bribe in the form of a bag of cash from former agent Drew Rosenhaus to become his client back in 2009.

Rand Getlin of Yahoo revealed more details from those court documents on Sunday. For example, the money bag handoff appears to have occurred at a gas station. Yahoo also reported that Rosenhaus was the driving force behind Jackson holding out from training camp prior to the 2011 season.

Rosenhaus failed to get Jackson a new deal prior to or during the 2010 season. Jackson says Rosenhaus urged him to hold out during training camp in the summer of 2011 in order to force the Eagles to give in to the agent's contract demands.

"In the end, the holdout served only to embarrass Jackson, undermine his credibility and diminish his negotiating leverage with Eagles' management," said Jackson's attorney, William Quinn of global law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, in the filing.

Jackson was so angry over the botched holdout that he says he told Rosenhaus he was going to fire him, but ended up staying with the agent after Rosenhaus paid him and his family $143,088 to remain a client. NFLPA regulations prohibit agents from "providing or offering money or any other thing of value to any player … to induce or encourage that player to utilize [his] services."

Rosenhaus could not profit from Jackson's play on the field until he negotiated a new deal for him. Therefore, advising him to hold out for more money could have been extremely self-serving advice. However, while Rosenhaus may have advised Jackson to overplay his hand that offseason, ultimately Jackson was the one who made the final decision to hold out.

Leave Donnie alone, Drew!

Rosenhaus was at Eagles OTAs a couple weeks ago, when I jokingly suggested that he was trying to pollute punter Donnie Jones' mind with greedy thoughts.

Drew Rosenhaus trying to talk Donnie Jones into holding out. pic.twitter.com/J0abJTFBEC

"I know you just signed a new three year deal in March, Donnie, but you know what would really send a message? A holdout!"

But seriously though... Leave Donnie alone. And Donnie, stay humble.

Malcolm Jenkins says the Eagles have worked harder than anyone

Malcolm Jenkins was asked on the Jim Rome show (via BleedingGreenNation) if he thought the Eagles are Super Bowl contenders. Indeed he does:

"I think we've worked harder than any team in the NFL," said Jenkins. "I think we've gotten more reps and more exposure than any team in the NFL, so right now at this point we're winning. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean we're going to win anything. All we can win is today and each day, we go out as a team and try to do that. I feel like if we continue on that path and get better and better as we go, I definitely see this team having a chance."

I looked up the Eagles' OHWI (Offseason hard work index), and it appears that they have not only worked harder than any other team in the NFL, they've worked harder than all of them combined.

So that is certainly encouraging.

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