Raw-foods lovers, vegans, and juice fans will have a destination this spring at 111 S. 12th St. in the White Building space that was Blue Lotus, a rug company. JAR BAR -- that's J-A-R, as in "juicy and raw" has the backing of raw chef Joel Scott Odhner (who worked for Dr. Oz) and partner Jennifer Richmond, who plan to offer blended drinks based on green kale, apple, and cucumber, to which "super foods" are added. The menu also will include raw foods, such as lasagna, collard wraps, and even raw desserts. For the last two years, they've been selling a juice cleanse called Catalyst. (Hence the confusion in PhillyChitChat.com's post on the project Thursday.) Richmond says the White Building will host its production kitchen, now in Huntingdon Valley. Target opening is May 1.

Friday (2/11) is Ben McNamara's last day at St. Stephens Green at 17th and Green Streets, as he's yielding the stove to David Shuman, his sous chef of three years. McNamara says the parting was amicable, Sounds like cost-cutting.