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After beefs, $100 cheesesteak may lose its foie gras

This item was from the "Inqlings" column of Oct. 31, 2004.

This item was from the "Inqlings" column of Oct. 31, 2004.

Change may be coming to the $100 cheesesteak served at the new Barclay Prime restaurant on Rittenhouse Square.

The sandwich, introduced earlier this month, contains seared foie gras, a $50-a-pound delicacy produced by force-feeding fowl to plump up their livers.

The specter of foie gras drew a half-dozen sign-wavers to the restaurant's door during dinner hour Friday.

But it wasn't much of a rally - especially after an executive of the restaurant came out and told protesters that the sandwich probably would be reformulated.

"I was surprised they were so cooperative," said protester Beverly Rolfsmeyer, by day a city Recreation Department supervisor.

Restaurateur Stephen Starr confirmed that he was looking into the issue.

Foie gras has become a cause celebre. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last month banned production and sale in that state, effective in 2012.

Meanwhile, on some nights, Barclay Prime sells a dozen of the $100 cheesesteaks, which include Kobe beef and slivers of truffles.

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