It's Dec. 23. At the North Pole, Santa's just about getting ready for takeoff, but in Iowa, they're less than two weeks away from taking the first step toward picking the next president of the United States with the Jan. 3 caucuses, which don't even elect any convention delegates but are more of a beauty pageant. But the first real primary, in New Hampshire, is only a week later, Jan. 8.

For some time, Gov. Rendell has been trying to get Pennsylvania's presidential primary moved from April to February, saying an earlier primary would give voters more clout in picking the eventual nominees of both parties. (Next year's Pa. primary is April 22. In non-presidential years, primaries here are held in May.)

Are you ready to go to the polls in February to help pick the presidential candidate of your party? Would it help Pennsylvania to get a friend in the White House?

Or do you think that a February primary, coming just three months after a general election the previous November, will create a seemingly endless cycle of campaigns and fund-raising that at best is irritating and at worst offers an overdose of democracy?

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