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Sideshow: Spam musubi and a 3-iron

The incoming first family is celebrating the holidays on the Hawaiian island of Oahu (President-elect Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.) Obama, who flew to the island last weekend, was spotted on Sunday playing golf with friends at Oahu's Olomana Golf Links.

Clay Aiken has had holiday mishaps.
Clay Aiken has had holiday mishaps.Read more

The incoming first family is celebrating the holidays on the Hawaiian island of Oahu (President-elect

Barack Obama

was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.) Obama, who flew to the island last weekend, was spotted on Sunday playing golf with friends at Oahu's Olomana Golf Links.

The New York Times says Obama stopped by the snack bar for two

spam musubi

, a local specialty made of Spam, a fried egg and rice, rolled together with dried seaweed.

Meanwhile, during a visit to the Children's National Medical Center in Washington earlier this month, first lady

Laura Bush

said she planned to have Christmas Eve dinner at Camp David with

President Bush

's extended family. "There are going to be about 32 of us," she said.

Asked about a present for the president, she quipped, "I haven't bought anything for him yet, because we're getting ready to move back to Texas, and we bought a new house. So that may be our big - biggest Christmas present for both of us - for the next few years."


Christmas, Texas style

E!Online and the Waco Tribune-Herald report that



Ashlee Simpson

are spending Christmas at the Waco, Texas, home of their maternal grandmother. Accompanying the sisters will be Jess' bf, Dallas Cowboys quarterback

Tony Romo

, Ashlee's hubby,

Pete Wentz

- and, of course, baby



Jess tells Fox's Pop Tarts celeb column that she's become quite a diva domestica: "My personality is now more stay-at-home; right now I'm doing the Christmas tree and everything." And wait, there's more. "Believe it or not, I like to bake pies. Tony's favorite is pumpkin pie, and I haven't mastered that yet."

So what brought on this sudden change?

Could it be . . . a baby? Citing an anon source, gossip maestro

Perez Hilton

writes that Jess 'n' Tony are "actively trying" to bake a baby. "I wouldn't be surprised if Jess makes an announcement that she's pregnant very, very soon," the source says.

17 ki. . . No! 18 kids & counting!

TLC reality TV stars,

Jim Bob Duggar

and wife

Michelle Duggar

told the world on Monday's


show that they received their Christmas present early - in the form of their newly named 18th baby,

Jordyn-Grace Makiya

, born a week ago via C-section.

Baby's home and "sleeping very well. . . . She's a very calm baby," Dad said, whereupon Mom broke in with the quip, "Mommy's the one who's awake."

The Duggars said they named Jordyn "just the other day." Their only criterion: That, like, her 17 siblings, her name begin with J.



Ann Curry

was a little shocked to hear the couple already are planning No. 19. She asked them if there isn't such a thing as too many babies.

Said Michelle: "Saying there's too many children is like saying there are too many flowers."

Paris' self-love

Paris Hilton

has picked the perfect way to recover from the trauma of being burgled. (The thief stole $2 million worth of jewelry.)

London's Daily Mail says the celebutante has gifted herself a very pink, very expensive and very fast Christmas present. That'd be a customized pink Bentley Continental GT, which cost Paris just $200,000.

Hugh Hefner's card? Rated R

Suppose this shouldn't be too much of a surprise: The Huffington Post reports that Playboy king

Hugh Hefner

, who has firmly entered adolescence at the age of 82, has adorned his holiday card with a bit of porn.

The artful image features Hef, in his trademark red robe, standing with a topless twin babe on either side.

The twins,



Kristina Shannon,

19, who are part of Hef's private harem, have pink-purple body paint across their chest that bears the word "Hef" in white paint.

Hef is smiling like the proverbial cat who ate the canary.

Doing good for the world


might be the best-loved do-gooder of them all. But this year she lost out to

Barack Obama

in the ranking of celeb do-gooders by, coming in at No. 2. USAToday says the report, which ranks how celebs inspire people 25 and under, also includes, in order:

Angelina Jolie


Ellen DeGeneres


Brad Pitt


Al Gore


Lance Armstrong


Michelle Obama




Michael J. Fox

Sideshow: What the A-list does for Christmas

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram asked a handful of A-listers to share their favorite Christmas stories.

Here's what some of the boldfacers said:

Kelsey Grammer

says he's never good at timing the tree: "Every Christmas, we get the tree up usually way too early. So what happens is, instead of a Christmas tree, it's crispy tree. . . . So we usually have to go get another one. We have to re-buy and redecorate the Christmas tree."

Kristin Chenoweth

, who stars as the voice of Rapunzel in an upcoming animated feature about that fairy-tale feminist heroine, said her family goes for tradition, not riches or beauty: "My mom has an unfortunate ceramic Christmas tree with candles on it. It's not very pretty, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it has a lot of meaning. Each family member lights one of the candles and talks about the past year in their life and what's been so great about it and what they're thankful for." Kristin says tears flow freely during the exercise. "Even my father, who is a man of very few tears, lets it go a little bit."

Clay Aiken

focuses on the mishaps he says always befall him: "I think that the majority of Americans' Christmas memories are much less

It's a Wonderful Life

and much more

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

. I remember driving back from getting the Christmas tree and having to stick it through the back two windows of the car and driving in the freezing cold with the windows down to get home to get the Christmas tree up."

Ruben Studdard

said when he was in seventh grade, his mother warned him that if he didn't deal with his "conduct problem" at school - where he got straight A's - he'd get nothing for Christmas. Well, apparently Clay's

American Idol

buddy got another F in conduct: "So I woke up Christmas morning, and they were all opening their presents, and I had only a candy cane under the tree."