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Sideshow: Colbert hair takes one for the troops

Mission Accomplished! Stephen Colbert, who brought his Comedy Central show to the troops in Iraq over the weekend, is kicking up a funny desert storm over there. He said we must "officially declare we won the Iraq war" because no one is talking

Mission Accomplished! Stephen Colbert, who brought his Comedy Central show to the troops in Iraq over the weekend, is kicking up a funny desert storm over there. He said we must "officially declare we won the Iraq war" because no one is talking about it anymore. During a show at Camp Victory, in western Iraq, Colbert, dressed in camo, submitted to Gen. Ray Odierno, top commander of U.S. forces, who, obeying a videotaped order from President Obama, shaved Colbert's head. Odierno later said he doesn't think the war's done.

During the first show on Sunday, Colbert told the troops: "It must be nice here in Iraq because I understand some of you keep coming back again and again. You've earned so many frequent flier miles, you've earned a free ticket to Afghanistan." Colbert's Iraq telecasts began last night and continue through Thursday at 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Carradine catastrophe complicated

The tragic case of David Carradine's death took more crazy turns this weekend.

Thai Rath, a Bangkok tabloid, ran a postmortem forensics photo of the actor, and his family has threatened legal action against any other outlet with the gruesome misjudgment to do the same. Carradine's body was found Thursday at a Bangkok hotel. Because of confusion in accounts of the death, the family is also seeking FBI involvement and a private autopsy by famed forensic pathologist Michael Baden. David's half-brother, Keith Carradine, filed reports Friday that may bring the FBI into play, says celeb lawyer and Keith rep Mark Geragos. Usually, the FBI gets involved with foreign deaths only if murder may be a possible call. While early reports had suggested David's death was a suicide, statements from Thai officials seem to favor autoerotic asphyxiation. After saying FBI help was not needed, Thai officials are now making nice, and yesterday they said they'd welcome the FBI, but only as observers. Ironically, Carradine guest-stars in tonight's episode of the Fox show Mental, which airs at 9.

As they say, it gets weirder

On said episode of Mental, titled "Book of Judges," Carradine plays Gideon Graham, a professor and author who is hit by a lightning bolt and lapses into catatonia. Chris Vance plays Jack Gallagher, who tries to bring Graham back to the world, even as he (Jack) fights off a troublesome thang for the professor's daughter, Niobe (Estella Warren).

Exit, pursued by scenery

Low point of Sunday's Tony Awards had to be when rock singer Bret Michaels, star of Rock of Love, got clocked by some scenery. He and his band, Poison (who were playing the Tonys why?????), had just finished the opening number, "Nothin' But a Good Time," and Michaels was absorbing applause, when some descending scenery bonked him on the bean and decked the dude. He was taken to a hospital and is OK. Some said the scenery savagely attacked, but it was unavailable for comment. Sir Elton John's adaptation of Billy Elliot won 10 sparkling statuettes.

Nicholson upstages Kobe

The grizzled, expanding Jack Nicholson has played for the Los Angeles Lakers longer than anyone on the court. The high point of the Los Angeles Lakers-Orlando Magic playoff game Sunday night was watching Jack riding the refs, cheering his Lakers, and hobnobbing with players from both sides. Any Lakers home game on TV, you know Jack'll be there. Also seen Sunday were Denzel Washington, recording exec Lou Adler, Zac Efron, and Adam Levine. We mention Adam, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, so we can list some of his stellar squeezes: Maria Sharapova, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Kirsten Dunst. He was recently seen getting all wuvvie-duvvie with Cameron Diaz. For some reason, on Sunday night Adam wanted to see Lakers star Kobe Bryant instead.

Paperless, ticketless for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, as anyone with a prefrontal lobe knows, is coming to the Wachovia Center on Nov. 4, kicking off at 7 p.m. But you can't get tickets! Why? The whole affair will be paperless! So you can't get them at any box office or outlet! Paperless sales start at 10 a.m. sharp this Saturday at or 1-800-298-4200. On concert day, bring the credit card you used for purchase (hear that, kids?) plus a legal ID.

'Hangover' by a hair in weekend takes

Speaking of box offices, there was an Up-set over the weekend. As of Sunday, experts were saying that the Disney/Pixar romp titled Up had won the weekend box-office sweeps over R-rated yukfest The Hangover. Ah, but Sunday was a surprisingly huge day for both flicks, and when the dank settled, The Hangover won by a schnoz (in this case, by $300K to $400K in gross take). It's rare for a No. 1 and No. 2 film to switch places on a weekend update, but they did, with The Hangover raking in an estimated $44.6 to $44.8 mil, and Up racking up around $44.4 mil. R smacks G!

The other big debut, Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost, got lost in the shuffle with a comparatively disappointing $19.5 mil.

Ramis at work on 'Ghostbusters 3'

Harold Ramis has helped create many wildly popular movies, including Animal House, Caddyshack, the Ghostbusters, and the indispensable Groundhog Day. His latest is Year One, the new neolithic pal film starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. Now Ramis tells PopEater he is working with cowriters on Ghostbusters 3. But will it be made? Well, casting could be an issue, especially that of Bill Murray, star of the first two. "Bill Murray's very choosy," says Ramis. "There's no way he'll do it if he doesn't like the script."

Dots and Dishes

Jeffrey Tambor, 64, star of Arrested Development, announced on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson that he and wife Kasia Ostlun, 41, are expecting twin boys. Tambor has a 34-year-old daughter by a (need we add?) previous relationship. We will add that when the boys get to be 16 or so and start pestering Dad to take them to the mall, the beach, the gym, the game, etc., Dad will be a cool 80. . . . Going somewhat the other way, rumor has it that Katie Couric, 52, may wed her 35-year-old smoochums Brooks Perlin this year. If she starts to nod off during the CBS Nightly News, it could be a clue. . . .