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Sideshow: Obstacle to Pink perfection

Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) knows the cost of cigarettes. And we don't mean the $6 price tag on each pack.


(Alecia Beth Moore) knows the cost of cigarettes.

And we don't mean the $6 price tag on each pack.

When it comes to sculpting her bod, Doylestown's beloved heroine and Central Bucks West High's greatest alum tells Women's Health mag, she's no slacker. "I've worked hard for this body!" says the 5-foot-3 warbler.

But hard as she tries, tobacco continues to obstruct her road to perfection, admits Pink, who says she started when she was 9. (Yikes!)

"It's awful. I hate the smell, the taste. I hate being around people when I smoke. I hate everything about it. I'm an asthmatic singing smoker!" she says. "But for some reason, I look at it as the last remaining bit of me before all of this [fame]. I've definitely cut way back."

Pink says she owes her physique to angst: "Last year, when I was going through my separation [from motocross racer Carey Hart], I was in Malibu running every day just to keep from burying myself in the sand."

Courtney's love sours?

If you believe the lawyers, on Dec. 11,

Courtney Love

gave up custody of her daughter,

Frances Bean Cobain

, 17, because the teen simply preferred to be with her granny,

Wendy O'Connor

(mother of late singer

Kurt Cobain

) and her aunt,

Kimberly Dawn Cobain


There may have been a darker side to the whole affair. First up, on Dec. 17, Love was slapped with a restraining order prohibiting her from having any contact with her girl.

Now, TMZ says it has obtained court records filed by lawyers for the guardianship asking the court to seal documents relating "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence." The documents include Frances Bean's medical records. No details have been provided. No statements from Love nor from her former mother-in-law.

What are we to conclude?

More trouble for Amy

Amy Winehouse

, 26, was charged yesterday with assault stemming from a scene she made Saturday at a performance of


in a theater in Buckinghamshire, England.

Reportedly, Winehouse was heckling the performers with many a four-letter word. Seems she was so put out when theater manager Richard Pound asked her to switch seats, she allegedly hit him. She's due in court Jan. 20.

Tyler in rehab



front man

Steven Tyler

, 61, has entered rehab for addiction to painkillers. In the summer, Tyler canceled the band's tour after injuring himself in a fall. His doc says he suffers from chronic pain from numerous orthopedic procedures over the last decade. "I love Aerosmith. . . . I am grateful for all of the support and love I am receiving and am committed to getting things taken care of," Tyler said in a statement.

Music from - Brittany Murphy?


Marc Malkin

reports that music execs are looking to gather together recordings made by late actress, and sometime singer,

Brittany Murphy

for a possible CD.

Brit's musical work includes the club single "Faster Kill Pussycat," recorded with Paul Oakenfeld, and two covers she sang for the movie Happy Feet: Queen's "Somebody to Love" and Earth, Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland." In the early '90s, Brit also fronted the band Blessed Soul, which she cofounded with actor Eric Balfour (Six Feet Under, 24).

Murphy's last film . . .

Celeb news show


says we may soon be able to see Murphy's last film,


, a thriller costarring

Dean Cain

. The film, which was shot in June, still awaits a distributor, but producers are optimistic. Director

Michael Feifer

dispels rumors that Murphy was difficult on set. "She glowed all the time," he says. "I had a really sweet relationship with her. She was always on the ball."

Hype Watch: Movie trailers

Here's some totally awesome pre-movie hype: Carrie Bradshaw (

Sarah Jessica Parker

) & Company (

Kim Cattrall


Kristin Davis


Cynthia Nixon

) are due back May 28 in

Sex and the City 2

, which features the gals in a unique new adventure (you know, buying more shoes, drinking Cosmos, complaining about Mr. Big). How much would you pay to see the trailer? Here it is, gratis:



Meanwhile, YouTube has posted a trailer from another coming summer blockbuster, Karate Kid (the remake), due June 11. The flick stars Jaden Smith, who happens to be the 11-year-old son of megastar Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He gets schooled in the deadly arts by costar Jackie Chan.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

Gerard Depardieu

, 60, who has appeared in every single French film made since 1960, may be charged with trashing a car parked outside a nightclub near his Paris home. Brit tabloid Daily Mail says the

Cyrano de Bergerac

star concedes that Saturday he kicked the car's doors and broke its windshield. So why'd he do it? Cops say he offered no explanation.

British Vogue has released its list of the year's most stylish women. The top three: Brit TV presenter Alexa Chung, Gallic actress Audrey Tatou, and our very own Sarah Jessica Parker.

Simon Cowell's brother Tony says on his podcast ( that the music mogul will leave American Idol after its new season. Reps for the Fox show have declined comment. The ninth season will premiere Jan. 12 with a Boston audition.