Conan O'Brien

deserves to win an Emmy for his new TBS show - even though it'll premiere nearly two months


the Emmys are handed out on Aug. 29!

So argues the cabler in an aggressive P.R. campaign.

"Give this man one more thing to tweet about," reads one of the ads TBS is running in Tinseltown trade rags. "For your consideration, outstanding achievement in the use of SPF 150," says another.

Guess TBS wants to stick it to Conan's old home, NBC, which will broadcast the Emmys.

Kick, parry . . . emote

Martial-arts hero

Jackie Chan

says he almost turned down his new flick,

The Karate Kid

, because he's tired of the kung fu thing.

"I've been fighting, fighting, fighting, until no one thinks I can do anything different," Chan, 56, tells USA Today. "But I can. I'm not just a fighter. I'm an actor."

Chan changed his mind when he found out that producers Will and Jada Pinkett Smith wanted him to play a wise teacher, not a fighter. The latter is played by the couple's son, Jaden.

For his part, Jaden, 11, is psyched that he got to play a powerful dude: It makes up for the fact that his sis, Willow, 9, always picks on him.

Jaden tells People mag his mom "usually takes Willow's side. My dad takes Willow's side, too."

Bruce? Way cooler than news

TV news guy

Brian Williams

says he'll explore his Jersey roots as a guest DJ Friday on

Bruce Springsteen

's E Street Radio channel on Sirius and XM. "As a native of the Jersey Shore (Exit 114), I first saw Bruce in 1975," BW says. "While my seats have gotten better over the years, the music never changed. It's the soundtrack of my life."

Tidbits 'n' pieces

An anon source says

Lindsay Lohan

may be facing a parole violation because her alcohol ankle-monitor went off Sunday. . . . TMZ says LiLo's pops,

Michael Lohan

, is opening a nightclub named Controversy (


) in the Hamptons. . . .

Chris Brown

has postponed a slew of shows in Britain after being denied a visa. Brown, who last year was convicted of assaulting his then-gf


, was denied because of his criminal record. . . .

Gary Coleman

's will says no one who had financial ties to his sitcom,

Diff'rent Strokes

, should be admitted to his wake. The will, which stipulates that Coleman be cremated, makes nary a mention of ex-wife

Shannon Price

. . . . Former



Ace Frehley

, 59, has completed his memoir,

No Regrets

, a "look back at a 'life of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.' " . . .

Mariah Carey


Nick Cannon

's Jack Russell,


, has given birth. "It's a giiirl!!!" Mariah tweets. . . .



Andy Whitfield

, 35, has been given a clean bill of health after treatment for Stage 1 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Shatner's Priceline haul

Seems gossipers need to take lessons in business reporting. The Toronto Sun reported in May that the net worth of

William Shatner

, face of, had ballooned by $600 mil - because he asked Priceline to be paid in stock options. (The company won't disclose how many.)

The Sun noted that Priceline's stock, which was as low as $1.80 a share in 2000, was nearing $300 as of April.

That's not quite the whole story. See, in '03 Priceline declared a 1-for-6 reverse stock split - meaning that Shatner's long-held options are actually worth about a sixth of the market value, or closer to $46 a share. Of course, when he cashes in, he'll still make a killing.