The pupils who used to attend teacher Kristin Palmer's third-grade class at a charter school in Frankford would go to Room 118.

Not anymore.

Now they go into Room Temple.

It's the same room at the First Philadelphia Charter School for Literacy, at Tacony and Church streets, only the name has been changed as part of a program to instill in the 8-and-9-year-olds the concept of college.

"Many of the students live in poverty, and I believe if young children are exposed to college, even at the conceptual level, there's more of a chance that they'll attend college when they're finished high school," Palmer said.

"It puts the idea on their radar: They know that college comes after 12th grade and after college, a good job."

So to select a name, they had a vote. They put the names of 10 area schools on a ballot, and Temple won hands down.

"They could have chosen [anyplace], but they chose Temple," said a writer in the school's news communications office.

Wanting to build on her students' enthusiasm for their new Temple name, Palmer contacted the university for pencils, banners and buttons with Temple's logo.

"They're pretty fired up and I want to keep their enthusiasm inspired," she wrote to the school.

Temple rose to the occasion. The school has embraced the 28 third-graders enthusiastically and will entertain them on campus this afternoon and tonight.

Timm Rinehart, Temple's associate vice president for enrollment management, said the kids will tour the campus, including the student center, its food court and computer room, and attend tonight's Temple-University of North Carolina at Charlotte basketball game at the Liacouras Center.

At halftime, they will be presented with a few Temple mementos, including book bags filled with pencils, magnets and pompoms bearing Temple's logo. *