Do you know what I'm thinking? I don't think you do

I give up everything starting with you.

I'm drying my face, letting my emotions erase, getting you out of my head

I'm forgetting all the words, all the lies you said.

I'm forgetting your smile and the way you say my name

Because there's really no point in having these thoughts, when you chose another guy, I lost your love a long time

ago, when it was?

I'm not sure, I don't know

But now I know that it's over, it's done

A relationship of two there was only one.

I can't believe I thought you cared

It hurt looking at pictures from the past

It's time to put my love for you in the trash.

Lil' Sis

I want you to grow up and follow your dreams.

You want to be a fairy and a princess I won't be the one to bring you to reality.

I want you to stay innocent for as long as you can.

I am afraid of what life will make of you.

I don't want to see you become like those girls I see.

Be yourself if you want to be a fairy and a princess believe.

Whatever keeps you safe

Remember I love you and I will always be here.

One Touch

How does one touch of your hand on my face

Bring back all the memories I've erased.

Make me want to change back to the person I was.

Make me want to hold you and bring back our love.

Listen to my heartbeat, what do you hear?

Is it happiness, hope, or perhaps fear?

No, the sound you hear in my heart isn't something new

It's the familiar sound of my heart longing for you.

A Difference

Dedicated to Mrs. Massari

Finding guidance in an empty room is nearly impossible to do

You would just end up lost and confused with no idea how to get through.

The feeling of being lost wouldn't be easy to shake

The feeling of being lost would just drive you crazy to the point you just need a break.

You need someone to be with you and teach you what they've learned

You need a person to release the creative fire inside of you and let it burn.

You need someone to show you what life presents.

You need a role model that can make a difference.

Your Poem

Teen author Damon Lomax recited selections from his recent book, "When My Eyes Were Closed," for members of Delsea High School's English Club on Dec. 11. Lomax's poems enter the world of a teenager trying to make sense of life. They explore themes of love, death, heartbreak and inspiration. Lomax has been a frequent contributor to The Inquirer's Being YOUng page.