Sean Gale is a lawyer and Pennsylvania Republican candidate for U.S. Senate running as a conservative outsider and a self-described “disruptor to the system.”

Gale, 31, is the brother of Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph C. Gale, who is running for governor. The brothers make most of their campaign stops together, which Sean Gale has described as them “putting family values right in the forefront of our campaign.”

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What is Sean Gale’s background?

Gale, who was raised in Montgomery County, has a background in finance and real estate, and he holds multiple degrees, including from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Villanova Law School. He also studied at Drexel University, where he earned an advanced degree in health care and pharmaceutical law.

He works as general counsel at a behavioral health provider in the Philadelphia suburbs that specializes in drug treatment and mental-health services.

Gale worked as a campaign manager for his older brother, who is serving his second term on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. Both brothers ran for seats on the county commission in 2019, attempting to wrest control of the board from Democrats in the increasingly liberal county. Joe Gale finished second in the primary and appeared on the general election ballot, winning the lone seat of three on the board that is set aside for the minority party. Sean Gale finished fourth out of five candidates in the primary.

The brothers announced their candidacies for governor and Senate last year, just days after Sean Gale turned 30, making him eligible to run.

What are Sean Gale’s top policy priorities?

Gale has said he would prioritize repealing the Affordable Care Act, which he says should be replaced with a system that expands health savings accounts and reduces patients’ reliance on insurance for basic care.

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He supports tax breaks for businesses and individuals, and says he would push for aggressive expansion of natural-gas drilling to achieve “energy independence.”

On immigration, Gale has said he would push for stronger border security by voting to fund completion of a wall along the border with Mexico.

Who is backing Sean Gale?

Gale has not won any major endorsements.

What else should I know?

Every chance he gets, Gale lobs attacks at Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, who is not seeking reelection.

Gale launched his campaign days after Toomey voted to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol attack in Trump’s second impeachment trial, saying the vote was “stabbing [Trump] in the back.” He often refers to Toomey as a RINO (Republican In Name Only), and his campaign website features self-styled memes of Toomey that read “Vote Sean Gale for Senate. He’s not another Pat Toomey.”

He campaigned for Toomey in 2010, Gale said in an interview on PCN, thinking he’d be more conservative than the late Republican turned Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter. Instead, Gale said, “he turned out to be Specter 2.0.″