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Sixers president tweets first look at this season’s ‘City Edition’ uniform

Team president Chris Heck offered the first look at the Sixers' new design.

Sixers president Chris Heck tweeted out a picture of the team's new uniforms Tuesday night.
Sixers president Chris Heck tweeted out a picture of the team's new uniforms Tuesday night.Read moreChris Heck via Twitter (@chrisheck76) (custom credit)

The Sixers will be adding another uniform to their rotation this season.

Team president Chris Heck tweeted out a picture of the Sixers’ “City Edition” uniforms Tuesday night, offering a first look at the finished design.

The look brings back the off-white base color and Declaration of Independence-inspired font from the Sixers’ “City Edition” uniforms of two seasons ago, this time with “Philadelphia” written across the chest in full. The bicentennial celebration-styled 76 (which the Sixers have kept around through their “Phila Unite” playoff logo) returns on the shorts, and the jerseys make use of a new number font that is somewhat reminiscent of what the team used from 1963-1965.

This year’s “City” uniform will be replacing last year’s gray Rocky-inspired ones, joining a lineup that now consists of their white “Association” (home), blue “Icon” (road), red “Statement," and 1970-71 throwback sets.

Like last season, the Sixers now have five different uniforms they will wear this season, and if Nike stays consistent with its apparel initiatives, the total could be bumped up to six.

The 16 teams that reached the playoffs in the 2017-18 season received an additional uniform for the 2018-19 campaign dubbed the “Earned Edition," which were all color variations of each team’s “City” or “Statement” design.

Tuesday’s look from Heck also followed the reveals or leaks of several other “City” uniforms that day, which can be seen here.

“Once again it (the uniform) represents the great city of Philadelphia, the tradition of the 76ers and has some storytelling that goes along with it,” Heck said during Tuesday’s Crossover Art Exhibition at the Fitler Club in Philadelphia. “We are excited to show up once again with the best uniforms in the NBA.”

Fans won’t have to wait long to see the Sixers in their new threads. The first of six times the Sixers will wear the uniform is Nov. 30 against the Indiana Pacers. Here is the schedule of games:

Saturday, Nov. 30 vs. Indiana Pacers

Saturday, Dec. 7 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Saturday, Dec. 21 vs. Washington Wizards

Wednesday, Dec. 25 vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Saturday, March 14 vs. Indiana Pacers

Saturday, March 21 vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Sixers have a three-game home stand this week starting Wednesday against the New York Knicks. They’ll face the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, followed by Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat on Saturday.

Staff writer Marc Narducci contributed to this report.