Dominique DeMoe

Dominique DeMoe

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How the COVID-19 vaccines work

Here is a step-by-step description of the process, written with guidance from University of Pennsylvania scientist Drew Weissman, whose work with former colleague Katalin Karikó, now at BioNTech, helped make the vaccines possible.

Gaps in Black and white home ownership transcend booming market

Home ownership builds family wealth. The net worth of a homeowner in 2019 was $255,000, compared to $6,300 for a renter, according to the Federal Reserve.

What happens when the COVID-19 vaccine enters your arm

It is impossible for the RNA vaccines to cause infection. And no, they can't change your DNA.

COVID-19 is more likely to hospitalize and even kill people with these preexisting conditions

Diabetes, chronic heart disease, and chronic lung disease are among the most common underlying conditions among people hospitalized with the coronavirus.