Robert I. Field, Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H.

Robert I. Field is an expert on health law, health policy and public health. He holds a joint appointment as professor of law at the Drexel University School of Law and professor of health management and policy at the School of Public Health at Drexel University.

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Trump’s immigration plan could be a boon to the flu l Opinion

If you have been rooting for a widespread and virulent flu epidemic this winter, several of the president's new immigration policies should give you reason to cheer.

New York’s newly strengthened vaccine mandate protects all of us | Opinion

New York State took an important step to increase those numbers by repealing a religious exception to its vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. While vaccine skeptics protested stridently, the action will help to protect everyone.

Survey finds Philadelphia less healthy than other Northeast cities

A recent survey by the website Wallethub ranked Philadelphia 27th out of 174 cities studied. We narrowly beat out Pittsburgh (29) but came in below Washington, DC (5), New York (6), and Boston (20).

Philly City Council could have fought opioids by placing limits on pharma reps

Could placing limits on pharma sales tactics help slow down the opioids crisis? Evidence suggests it could.

A caravan of migrants carrying smallpox? We’ve seen that before

The first caravan, this one composed of ships, arrived in 1492 from Spain. Its voyage led many others to follow from England, France and other countries in Europe, bringing waves of disease-carrying migrants.

A lethal game of chicken: the next trade war with China could be a matter of life and death

The most important trade war to come may have nothing to do with cars, steel or soybeans. It may involve a virus.

Even after political assaults, Obamacare is looking much healthier

Reports of the death of Affordable Care Act insurance markets are extremely premature. After years of steady price increases, insurer exits, and the Trump administration's relentless campaign to create instability, there are signs that in some states they are healthier than ever.

Medicare is not going broke

Have you heard the news? Medicare will run out of money in just four years. Can the program survive?

Why the latest GOP swipe at Obamacare is an assault on logic

Can a law be unconstitutional if it doesn't exist? That may sound like an abstract riddle, like the proverbial tree falling in a forest, but it is central to a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The suit, brought by 20 Republican attorneys general, seeks to have the entire law thrown out, and the Trump administration recently announced its support.

'Right-to-try' means right to be harmed by unproven treatments

Imagine that you have a life-threatening disease and have run out of available treatments. You discover that there is a promising new medication that might work, but it is still undergoing testing. Would you want the right to try it?