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Robert I. Field is an expert on health law, health policy and public health. He holds a joint appointment as professor of law at the Drexel University School of Law and professor of health management and policy at the School of Public Health at Drexel University.

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At U.S. Supreme Court, opponents of Obamacare field skeptical questions from justices

The Affordable Care Act affects nearly all of the U.S. health care system, especially the millions of people who rely on Obamacare exchange plans, and expanded Medicaid eligibility.

What if past crises had evoked leadership like we have today for COVID-19? | Expert Opinion

The spread of COVID-19, one of the greatest crises in our history, has been met with a national leadership style unlike any we have seen before. What if our country’s past leaders had followed that approach?

Should the U.S. favor public health or the economy? History shows they’re inseparable. | Expert Opinion

Is it better to dig a strong foundation or build a solid house? You can’t build a solid house without a strong foundation. They’re inseparable. The question is ridiculous.


If protesters really want to end lockdowns, they should protest the White House | Opinion

Individual states are not and were never equipped to defend the nation from a global threat.


Coronavirus lesson No. 1: You never know when you, and everyone around you, will need public health | Opinion

When the coronavirus crisis ends, don’t forget the public health lessons we’re learning right now.


Brexit wasn’t the only issue for British voters. Health care is big too. l Opinion

Nothing scares the British more than the possibility of losing their cherished National Health Service.

Americans’ health care - and preexisting condition coverage - is again at risk l Opinion

How, you might wonder, can a mandate that was constitutional when it included an enforcement penalty become unconstitutional when the penalty has disappeared, and it has become unenforceable?

Trump’s immigration plan could be a boon to the flu l Opinion

If you have been rooting for a widespread and virulent flu epidemic this winter, several of the president's new immigration policies should give you reason to cheer.

New York’s newly strengthened vaccine mandate protects all of us | Opinion

New York State took an important step to increase those numbers by repealing a religious exception to its vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. While vaccine skeptics protested stridently, the action will help to protect everyone.

Survey finds Philadelphia less healthy than other Northeast cities

A recent survey by the website Wallethub ranked Philadelphia 27th out of 174 cities studied. We narrowly beat out Pittsburgh (29) but came in below Washington, DC (5), New York (6), and Boston (20).