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She’s the force behind Pa.’s efforts to treat drug addiction. Critics say ‘there is more to the story.’

As a lobbyist, Deb Beck wields significant power over drug treatment policy and legislation. But some question whether she uses that influence to benefit the businesses providing care over what's best for patients.

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Feeling suicidal, she turned to her college. But it had just cut campus mental health services.

More than a month after Pennsylvania's largest community college cut mental health counseling across its five campuses, there is still confusion about how students can access care.

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Pa.’s largest community college eliminates campus mental-health counseling for 17,000 students

Experts called the move short-sighted and risky at a time of growing mental health needs among students.

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Spotlight PA: We’re investigating the business of drug addiction treatment in Pa. Share your stories.

We're seeking stories of the struggle to access addiction treatment, predatory providers, inadequate or negligent care and a lack of oversight causing harm to vulnerable residents in need of help.

‘Ask me why I don’t have nipples’: How young adults disclose their cancer status to dates and employers

For young adults who are fairly new to both careers and relationships, figuring out when and how to tell an employer or a partner about a cancer diagnosis is a complex process.

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Inside the trauma bay: What it’s like on the front lines of Philly’s gun-violence crisis

“Every time I walk into a room to tell the mother, I ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this job?’ ”

Pennsylvania may raise tobacco sales age to 21. Science says that could slash smoking rates.

“Not only do these laws seem to work, but they’re influencing the kids most at risk," a researcher said.

After learning some teens use socks for their periods, Mount Airy woman started delivering free pads and tampons

Period poverty exists here, too, said Lynette Medley, who delivers free supplies to more than 75 Philadelphia homes each week.

Relationship abuse, like breaking condoms and hiding birth control, is ‘alarmingly’ common among teens, study suggests

Nearly one in eight sexually active high school girls are pressured by a partner to become pregnant or not use birth control, a study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children’s Hospital suggests.

Behind the scenes of Made In Philly

Audience members at The Philadelphia Inquirer’s July 9 event were eager to contribute their ideas to the Made In Philly project, inviting journalists to visit their neighborhoods and meet local changemakers.