All around Philadelphia, fans are asking the same question: “Remind me why I missed sports so much?”

The Flyers fizzled to a disappointing finish in the playoffs. The Sixers were so underwhelming, the team canned head coach Brett Brown (and has yet to replace him). The Phillies bullpen has been one of the worst in baseball history, and broadcaster John Kruk succinctly summed up the team’s coronavirus-shortened season earlier this week.

“This is exasperating,” NBC Sports Philadelphia announcer Tom McCarthy said after yet another late-game implosion.

“If that means ‘sucks,’ yeah,” Kruk abruptly shot back.

The Eagles were supposed to be the tonic, with Carson Wentz finally climbing up the ladder of elite quarterbacks in his fifth season. But two games in, the Birds find themselves in last place, and fans can’t seem to decide whom to blame more: Wentz, head coach Doug Pederson, or general manager Howie Roseman.

While it’s all doom and gloom on social media and sports talk radio (where heated discussions about getting rid of Wentz have been the norm this week), Inquirer columnist Marcus Hayes warned Eagles fans not to give up just two games into the season.

“The Eagles won’t be 0-4. In fact, they should be 2-2 in two weeks, and they have a good chance of being 5-3 by the bye week,” Hayes wrote in his most recent column.

Unfortunately, all this turmoil in Eagles land is reminding me of a few flame-heavy cartoons I’ve drawn over the years that seem pretty timely at the moment. A bit of normality, am I right?

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