2019 has been one productive year for Mike Solomonov and Steve Cook and their restaurant empire:

(One setback: The Rooster, their charitable luncheonette, closed.)

Next up, in early February, will be their skewer-house concept, Laser Wolf, at Thompson and Howard Streets in Kensington. It’s a couple of blocks over the Fishtown border.

CookNSolo previewed Laser Wolf on Dec. 20 for pop-up dinners with New York-based spice king Lior Lev Sercarz, owner of La Boîte, author of Mastering Spice, and longtime Solomonov collaborator.

Sercarz, Laser Wolf executive chef Andrew Henshaw, and executive sous chef Devon Migeot manned the charcoal grill to turn out skewers of crimini mushrooms, Tunisian tuna, and halloumi; grilled rack of lamb, and turkey and lamb sausage; and an assortment of hot and cold salatim (salads) and sides such as hummus, eggplant baba ghanouj, kale baba ghanouj, dill tabbouleh, and shaved cucumbers with harissa.

The vast former warehouse has been transformed into an industrial-meets-party scene.

Large, round lanterns above, polished concrete below, lattice work providing separation, servers dressed in loud shirts, bar next to the cooking line, Beck and Justice on the soundtrack.

Tables are topped with bright-patterned oilcloths — warm pita and loaves of challah were placed directly on the table with the bowls of salatim for a conviviality.

Although the restaurant has tables for two, this will be a spot to take friends to share food.

Stay tuned for more, including opening date and reservation info.