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10 cartoons that capture America’s response to coronavirus | Opinion

The coronavirus pandemic — and Trump’s administration response — through the eyes of cartoonists from around the world.

Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News, NY

News about the coronavirus is changing quickly. Go to for the latest information.

The coronavirus pandemic is officially starting to disrupt life in the U.S. as schools, sports and entertainment events, and even Disneyland shut down for the upcoming weeks. The number of cases in the U.S. is continuing to increase amid a shortage of testing, which public health experts say put the country on a path to a large outbreak. As the situation develops, both institutions and people attempt to walk the fine line between preparedness and panic. Looming in the background is the response of the Trump administration which has been heavily critiqued.

Cartoonists from all over the world have been capturing the response to coronavirus in their work.