The gist: The drives to persuade the reluctant roll up their sleeves just got a significant booster shot from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It reported this week that breakthrough rates are quite low and that the unvaccinated have constituted nearly all of new COVID-19-related hospitalizations and deaths.

—Anthony R. Wood (@woodt15,

Unvaccinated people account for 94% of the new coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania this year, state health officials say

The vast majority of Pennsylvanians who have contracted the coronavirus in 2021 weren’t vaccinated, as were 97% of those who died, the state reported. The data wasn’t complete, since 55% of hospitals and 69% of acute-care facilities reported, but the trends were evident. The vaccines might be slightly less effective against the highly transmissible delta variant, but fully vaccinated people are still less likely to get sick with the virus. Read more about breakthrough cases in Pennsylvania.

What you need to know:

🏥 Obesity is a worsening epidemic in its own right, the CDC reports. That’s especially troublesome since it’s a major risk factor for those infected with the coronavirus.

🧑‍💼 At least 1.8 million U.S. workers would be subject to President Joe Biden’s vaccine or testing mandate. A union official wonders if that could that make some quit.

😷 Philly’s case rate has slowed, but don’t expect the mask mandates to go away just yet.

🏫 As school districts around Pennsylvania respond to Gov. Wolf’s mask mandate, one doctor offered free mass exemptions, and he got in trouble for it.

🧑‍⚕️ Pennsylvania granted waivers to let out-of-state practitioners treat patients in the commonwealth last year. The waivers are about to expire, and that could cause problems.

🏆 They’ve won so many awards they’ve pretty much lost count, but two Penn researchers instrumental in developing the COVID-19 vaccine just scored a big one.

🎒 Positive tests have driven at least three Philly schools to shut down temporarily.

Local coronavirus numbers

📈 Case numbers are down in Philly this week, but daily case counts statewide are continuing to rise. Track the latest data here.

Helpful resources

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