It’s Independence Day; one that comes at a very unusual time. This year, everything feels a little different, from hanging out with people, to fireworks, to this particular moment in this country’s history. This week, we have some ways to celebrate and relax this weekend.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and, as much as possible, it’s still a good idea to stay home.

Phil and Denise Riehl watch the fireworks over the Philadelphia Museum of Art last year.
David Swanson / Staff Photographer
Phil and Denise Riehl watch the fireworks over the Philadelphia Museum of Art last year.

Your reopening questions, answered:

Do this

Watch this:

We still have movie night. And even though we can’t go to a movie theater right now, there are lots of ways to get your cinema fix. Nick Vadala rounded up some options:

  • Go to a drive in. There are a dozen old-school drive-ins close to Philly. Think: old school screens; classics from the snack bar; making out in the car is also definitely an option. Plenty of nearby screens show movies new and old, including old-school classics like Jaws, Beetlejuice and Footloose, and newer hits like The Avengers and Zootopia. Others have special events, like recent fearfest Zombiefest IV.
  • Make your own outdoor cinema. Want to move movie night outside? It’s not that hard. We have a rundown of the gear you need and how to set it up. It can be done cheap and simple with your TV or a projector, some speakers (or headphones) and an improvised screen, or, if you want a ready-made solution, some companies rent all the gear you need for your own backyard film festival. Then all you have to do is make popcorn.

Make this:

There are lots of ways to make it festive, and stay cool this year, Philly. Here are the Fourth of July recipes that are on our lists this weekend:

  • Make a popsicle. Jamila Robinson has cool advice on how to make fruit pops, layered pops, creamy pops, with recipes. Make them pretty with fresh fruit or flower petals, and they’re the perfect snack for outdoor, socially distanced backyard hangs in the heat. Our favorite tip: Don’t store the pops in the molds because you’ll have a hard time removing them. Instead, put them in zipper bags where they will keep about two weeks.
  • Make your own slushies. Whether you’re looking for frozen cocktails or mocktails, it’s actually pretty easy to make these summery drinks. Grace Dickinson has some thirst-inducing recipes, including for a pineapple-ginger slushie, watermelon spritz and, of course, frosé. Our favorite tip: Make the crushed ice first, by blitzing cubes in a food processor or blender and then draining the excess water before you make your drink: You want to keep your drink blending time to a minimum, because the blades heat up and will spoil that frozen goodness.
  • Hungry? We can help. From farmers’ markets to delivery to everything-you-need meal kits, the city is here for you if you don’t want to make it all up yourself. And we’ve got a roundup of the best. Whether you’re planning a picnic, a barbecue or just want to feast on your own, there are options, my friends. Those lobster roll kits are going to be in our dreams for sure.