The Flyers are not happy about a Mummers skit that mixed Gritty with offensive racial symbolism.

The team, which wasn’t involved with a skit in which two marchers with the Froggy Carr Wench Brigade wore blackface during Philadelphia’s annual New Year’s Day Mummers Parade, issued a statement Thursday night condemning the brigade.

The Flyers had no knowledge or involvement in this group’s usage of our team colors, logo, and mascot imagery within its presentation, nor did we have any knowledge of the planned skit. We stand united with the entire Philadelphia community in condemning the brigade’s offensive racial symbolism.
Statement from the Flyers on Froggy Carr's use of blackface

The two men, identified as Kevin Kinkel and Mike Tomaszewski, wore blackface despite the fact it has been banned since the 1963 parade.

“It has nothing to do about being racist to the black person, or the white person, or the yellow person, whatever,” Kinkel told CBS3 during the parade. “It’s our tradition.”

The incident has sparked yet another conversation about the annual need to condemn racist and transphobic performances that have appeared during the 120-year-old parade’s history.

The Froggy Carr Wench Brigade was disqualified and a Mummers spokesperson vowed the two men “are never going to be allowed to march again.” Mayor Jim Kenney said the city would “explore options for additional penalties moving forward,” though it’s unclear what those punishments could be.

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“I’m sick of it being a common conversation we have every single year on Jan. 2,” City Councilwoman Cindy Bass said. “It’s ridiculous that it keeps happening, and I’m beyond insulted that these people would feel comfortable wearing blackface.”

In the wake of the latest incident, Inquirer columnist Solomon Jones called for the city to stop contributing taxpayer money to the annual event.

“Black people are tired of being mocked by those who would engage in the age-old minstrelsy that is blackface. We are tired of those who hate us hiding behind paint, behind hoods, behind excuses and ultimately, behind a government that would dare to fund open bigotry with our tax dollars,” Jones wrote.

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Last year, the Flyers were forced to deal with another racially sensitive issue after video clips surfaced showing Kate Smith singing racist lyrics. The Flyers ultimately pulled her rendition of “God Bless America” from being played during games and removed her bronze statue, which stood outside Xfinity Live!