ARLINGTON, Texas — The answers are beginning to sound the same. That’s because the Eagles are beginning to hear the same questions, while searching for plenty of answers, after Sunday’s lopsided 37-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Dallas had lost three in a row, including to the New York Jets, a team the Eagles pushed around.

The Eagles didn’t dodge any questions during postgame interviews, but really didn’t have any solutions, either. Afterward, coach Doug Pederson and the players were asked whether it was among their worst losses since they have been with the Eagles. It was hard to think of too many that would top it.

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An emotionally drained team

Zach Ertz is one big tough tight end, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound Pro Bowler, but he seemed to be fighting back tears when talking about the loss afterward, the last player in the Eagles locker room.

“Tonight was embarrassing, one of the most embarrassing games I have ever been part of in Philly,” said Ertz, who had two catches for 38 yards, both in the fourth quarter, when the game was already decided. “I take a lot of pride playing for the Eagles, take a lot of pride playing for this city. We took it on the chin today against a team that we hate, as simple as that.”

Ertz wasn’t finished.

“I feel bad for the fans, honestly,” he said. “It was a pitiful performance.”

Quarterback Carson Wentz was able to keep his composure, but it couldn’t have been easy. When asked to describe the locker room, he said, “frustrated, a little embarrassed, we didn’t show up. We didn’t show up, and they beat the crap out of us.”

At least the Eagles weren’t delusional. They know a butt-kicking when they see one.

“They whooped on us today,” said defensive end Brandon Graham, who finished with three tackles.

Pederson was asked whether it was the worst lost since he’s been here as a coach.

“It’s either one or two, yes,” said Pederson, now in his fourth season guiding the Eagles.

Wentz, who lost two fumbles and threw an interception, was asked about that comment from Pederson.

“I probably agree, especially back-to-back the way we played. There are things we have to fix but I am confident we can,” Wentz said.

He was referring to the previous week’s 38-20 loss in Minnesota, a game that seemed like a barnburner when compared against the Dallas debacle.

Pederson took a page out of the Andy Reid postgame playbook and blamed himself for the defeat, but there was plenty of blame to go around. As tough as it was for the fans to watch it, having to hear the players and Pederson recount the misery, probably wasn’t much better.

What you need to know about the Eagles

From the mailbag

Howie Roseman! That’s where all the questions should start — Chris Lawrence (@senator51) on Twitter

Thank’s for the comment, Chris. Roseman, the Eagles’ vice president/general manager, has come under fire lately. One thing must be remembered — the Eagles wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl without the moves that Roseman made. Of course, that doesn’t give him a lifetime pass with the Eagles fans. More than trades, there have been some disappointing high draft choices, such as second-rounder Sidney Jones. Roseman also came under fire for not acquiring cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who was dealt from Jacksonville to the Rams for a fairly steep price (two No. 1 picks and a No. 4). Before ripping Roseman, give him at least until the Oct. 29 trade deadline. One gets the feeling Roseman will do something by then, but not if it means mortgaging the future a chance to win now.

The offensive line stinks. Gives Wentz no time. Secondary is beyond [abysmal]. — Carol VanLiew (@c_vanLiew) on Twitter

The offensive line had one of its roughest nights, no doubt about it, Carol. Wentz was sacked three times and Dallas had five quarterback hits, and most of them were done with authority. The secondary’s problems are well documented, although having Jalen Mills is a major boost to the unit.