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We’re bringing you an early look at redistricting based on what people are saying they expect.

And, Anthony R. Wood tells you all about a flood far worse than Ida that essentially wiped out a Chester development. We’re also discussing how the Eagles pulled off that win.

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City Council redistricting is often contentious in Philly. This year looks different.

Redistricting rarely goes smoothly for Philadelphia City Council.

The once-a-decade process of redrawing district lines based on new census data has produced pitched political battles in the past — in 2001, one lawmaker threatened to throw another out a window. It’s also produced gerrymandered maps. Previous versions of two North Philadelphia-based seats, for instance, were widely seen as the most bizarre and unfair local government districts in the country.

But this year, lawmakers and City Hall observers are predicting a smoother process, with minimal changes expected to the Council districts that were used in the 2015 and 2019 elections.

Reporters Sean Collins Walsh and Jonathan Lai can walk you through the early word on the maps and other key factors.

A flood deadlier than Ida’s devastated downtown Chester in 1971. The scars remain.

“On this night 50 years ago, the stream turned killer,” reporter Anthony R. Wood begins in his story about a record-shattering flood that hammered Eyre Park in Chester.

A 16-foot tidal wave that dwarfed Ida’s flooding in the Philadelphia region — hammered Chester Creek, claiming the lives of 10 people, and effectively erased Eyre Park, displacing 216 households. The aftermath was its own disaster.

Keep reading for the whole story on the scars the 1971 flood left. It’s a case study of how a disaster can affect a neighborhood.

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