It’s going to be a bit cooler today (emphasis on “bit”). But storms like the ones from last night could hit the region this afternoon. Stay dry, friends. The big news out of Philadelphia this morning stems from the citywide protests last month against police brutality. The SWAT officer who was seen on video pulling down the masks of people protesting and pepper spraying them as they knelt will be charged with simple assault and other crimes. We also have stories that look at the return of sports (the Phillies play tomorrow!), alleged racial discrimination at the Free Library, and the future of the urban-suburban divide.

The Philadelphia SWAT officer who was captured on video in June pulling down the masks of people protesting and pepper spraying them while they knelt on the Vine Street Expressway will face criminal charges. Richard P. Nicoletti turned himself in yesterday and will face charges of simple assault, reckless endangerment, official oppression, and possession of an instrument of crime, District Attorney Larry Krasner said.

Architecture critic Inga Saffron writes that “the city-suburb divide is an overly simplistic way of looking at how the pandemic will influence where people choose to live in the coming years.” In the past, major urban events haven’t necessarily forced a max exodus. Rather, in Philly, for example, the city’s population has actually grown since 9/11.

But this crisis might be different, Saffron writes. Even so, “the rumors of the city’s death seem greatly exaggerated,” she writes.

For young adults who are immunocompromised, it can get frustrating to see peers ignore public health recommendations while attending parties and gathering at bars and beaches. Just three months ago, people ages 19 to 24 in the Philadelphia region made up just 5% of new coronavirus cases. Now that figure is up to 17%, according to new state data.

I can’t even wrap my head around the younger crowd that’s partying and not listening to guidelines,” a 25-year-old with Huntington’s disease told my colleague Bethany Ao. “It’s incredibly disheartening to hear people say that this could be a media ploy.”

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”However, now the mindset I hope to carry in wearing masks as well as in taking care of my patients is to do that which I believe is right, not for any other reason than that it is the right thing to do.” — writes Jason Han, a cardiothoracic surgery resident in Philadelphia, about the importance of wearing a mask everywhere.

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