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We spoke with a background operator who may be one of the most powerful people in Philadelphia — but most likely you’ve never heard of him.

It looks as if those mandates from businesses are getting people who resisted the vaccine to roll up their sleeves now.

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Ryan Boyer may be the most powerful person in Philly you haven’t heard of

Labor leader Ryan Boyer has ascended to a unique position of power, even if many people in Philly don’t know his name.

And he’s not trying to get people to know it, either. The labor leader says he stays busy working to make what happened to his family — when a union job helped to carve a path from his background in the projects to the middle class — accessible for more Philadelphians of color.

“Everything I’ve got is because of organized labor,” as he puts it. And he’s poised to have an outsized impact with his position now, leading the Laborers District Council, a union with more than 6,000 members from locals across the Philadelphia region. In fact, potential candidates in the 2023 mayor’s race are already courting him.

Read reporter Chris Brennan’s article to get to know him.

With mandates and requirements, vaccination sites see the reluctant show up

Pushed by fear of losing their jobs, not being able to travel or dine out — and also worried about the delta variant — more vaccine-hesitant Philadelphians are lining up to get their shots.

Restaurants, cruise lines, colleges, and a growing number of employers — hospitals, municipal governments, Amtrak, Citigroup — are telling workers and customers that they have to be vaccinated or have a good reason why they cannot be. Health officials report an uptick in shots in arms in our region, and yesterday’s announcement that the FDA has fully authorized the Pfizer vaccine is expected to lead to even more vaccination mandates and a higher immunization rate. But even some vaccine advocates are not entirely happy about the mandates.

Reporters Jason Laughlin and Marie McCullough’s article on the latest.

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