Sure, we’re not doing the big family gathering, where everyone sits around and creates a snowstorm of ripped wrapping paper. But this couldn’t be a better year to send someone a small token to let them know you love them.

Our experts have come up with fantastic gift picks for pretty much anyone you could be shopping for. We’ve broken down the individual gift guides by category, below:

For the coziest clothes

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For Philly foodie fans

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For cocktail (and mocktail) lovers

  • The perfect gift for someone who wants a fancy at-home happy hour. We found seven of the best cocktail kits in the city for making a perfectly mixed drink possible at home. From margaritas to hot toddies and yes, even mocktails, this is a list of pristine imbibables. (We have expert tips for how to properly mix a good drink at home, too, for the budding mixologist.) And, sure, it’s not cocktails, but a Wawa beer kit gets an honorary place on our list, too.

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For whisky lovers

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For music lovers

  • We all need a living room dance party right now. Good news: Nobody is watching (unless you still have that Zoom meeting open). Give the gift of a soulful groove to connect to. Here are music critic Dan DeLuca’s music and music-related gift ideas — from Mariah Carey’s new memoir to Tierra Whack shoelaces and Low Cut Connie yarmulkes.

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For people who like it spicy

  • Want to help keep a friend warm this winter? We’ve found the 10 best locally made hot sauces for every level of pain tolerance for the chilihead in your life. Whether you’re looking for something with a smooth heat or are in more of a daredevil burn-your-face-off mood, this is a gift guaranteed to keep someone warm for when the weather gets cold.

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For home cooks

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For book lovers

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