Chaos broke out feet from Albert Einstein Medical Center today as gunshots cut through the late summer air.

When the tension broke, it saw a teenage girl dead and a man fighting for his life.

Just after 4:15 p.m., a massive crowd of about 50-100 teens were gathered at Old York Road near Tabor Road, about a block away from Einstein, said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Words were exchanged, an argument about something petty.

Then, the group scattered amid gunshots.

Police found a 15-year-old girl collapsed on the hospital's front lawn, feet from the emergency room. She had been shot once in the chest, and doctors inside the hospital pronounced her dead at 4:27 p.m., Small said.

Police sources said the female victim was a student at nearby Delaware Valley Charter High School. The girl appears to be an innocent bystander and not an intended target, according to those police sources.

The other victim, a 19-year-old man, had been shot three times, in his groin and torso.

He's in very critical condition, Small said. It's unclear if he will survive.

Hours later, detectives and Crime Scene unit personnel continued to comb the scene.

Several witnesses are being interviewed by Homicide Unit detectives, including teens who were with the victims at the time of the gunfire.

Also being questioned are several hospital staff members, who witnessed the shooting. It took place during a shift change, Small said.

Police have also made contact with the victims' parents.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who responded to the scene, denounced the violence as "senseless."

"In today's world, it seems everything escalates to gunfire," said Ramsey.

"There's absolutely no sense to this, and there's absolutely no excuse."

Police say preliminary information about the shooter says he's a man, approximately 17 years old, with tattoos on his face and chest, Small said.