Eagles players are permitted to report to the NovaCare Complex beginning at 10 am on Tuesday.

The Eagles are set to report to training camp on Wednesday at Lehigh University. Players can check into the dorms beginning at 10 a.m. Coach Andy Reid will address the media at 5.

Training camp will break from Lehigh on August 17, a day before the second preseason game at Pittsburgh.

A full training camp practice schedule, including when camp is open to fans, will be issued no earlier than tomorrow.


NFLPA spokesman George Atallah recently tweeted "It's unanimous," the 21st century equivalent of white smoke from the Vatican chimney. So the NFL lockout, which began the day after talks broke down in Washington March 11, is officially ending there today, with player reps Ok'ing the new agreement.

Shortly after Atallah's tweet, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appeared in front of the NFLPA HQ on 20th Street in Washington with NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith, making the agreement official.

"We have football," Goodell said.

The commissioner added that he ewas sorry for the frustration fans have endured over the past four months, but "we've secured the future of the game" with a 10-year collective bargaining agreeement.

Goodell called Smith "a great leader for his players."

New England owner Robert Kraft embraced Colts player rep and executive committee member Jeff Saturday, after Saturday extolled Myra Kraft, the owner's wife, who passed away last week. Saturday noted that she allowed her husband to be a crucial part of getting the deal done, even as she struggled against cancer.

Kraft said the players in the talks looked at the long term, not just at their own interests. He said Congress might profit from that example, as it wrestles with the national debt.

Reports indicate each team will start camp 15 days before its first scheduled preseason game. For the Eagles, who have the earliest possible date of Aug. 11 for their opener, that means Lehigh (gulp!) Wednesday. An Eagles spokesman just said that isn't official, until a 3 p.m. conference call for the teams.

Also apparently, trades can happen tomorrow. That's about all that's certain right now. Stay tuned.