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Upper Merion student hopes to bring Miley Cyrus to cancer-stricken twin sister

It began with one tweet to Miley Cyrus on Sunday from 18-year-old Upper Merion High School student Julia Rodriguez.

It began with one tweet to Miley Cyrus on Sunday from 18-year-old Upper Merion High School student Julia Rodriguez:

"@iamjuliarod: @mileycyrus My twin sister has been diagnosed recently for a second time with Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a type of Cancer. She is 18 years old, super smart, funny, beautiful, loves to dance, sing, rap, and is a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan from the beginning.

We are supposed to go to the Bangerz concert on April 22nd in Philly but because of the timing of her chemo treatments, she is unable to attend the concert that she has been looking forward to for a long time. (She receives her treatments at CHOP in Philly)

I know that it would mean the world to her to have a visit from her favorite artist while she is going through this rough time in her life. #mileyvisitchrista"

From there, its sparked a viral Twitter campaign that had the hashtag #MileyVisitChrista trending in the Philadelphia area early Thursday morning.

Julia and Christa received Miley Cyrus concert tickets (for her show at the Wells Fargo Center) from their mother for their birthday. While Christa was pronounced cancer-free in September, she was re-diagnosed in March. This now requires her to go through more intense inpatient chemo treatments that can have her at the hospital for five days at a time. She is missing a majority of the rest of her senior year, her first year of college, and now one of her favorite artist's concerts. The day of Miley's show happens to be the day Christa is receiving treatment.

The idea to start a Twitter campaign came from Mom. She asked Julia, "Do you think we can get Miley to meet Christa?" and like a good sister, Julia said absolutely. She first tweeted at Miley and then to Smack High, a popular Twitter feed that shares a local selection of high school student-submitted news. From there, things really caught on.

Students at Upper Merion High are rallying behind the twins, even the softball team – which Julia admits she is not close to – have shown their support in creative ways:

Miley has yet to respond to the campaign, so we hope you'll help spread the word so that Julia and Christa's dream can come true!

Tonight, Upper Merion High School is hosting a Mini-THON that benefits the Four Diamonds Fund, an organization that helps provide support for families effected by pediatric cancer. More info can be found here.

Check out all of the #MileyVisitChrista support: