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Bebe Neuwirth is on stage in Philly all month. Can she resist adopting another cat from PAWS?

The TV-famous actress, a two-time Tony Award winner, has deep Philly ties. So does her cat Talulah.

Kim Wayans from ‘In Living Color’ has come to Bucks County to play God

The actress didn't think twice when Bristol Riverside Theatre offered the role. "I’m not going to turn down the opportunity to play the role of God."

This fall’s family events explore ‘Worst-Case Scenarios,’ magic, candy, Day of the Dead, and the ‘Baby Shark’ phenomenon

Fall brings fairy-tale illustrations, British 'invaders,' free movie nights, and more sugar skulls than you ever anticipated.

What’s on Philly teachers’ back-to-school wish lists? Ticonderoga pencils and lots of copy paper.

Philadelphia teachers said they ended up spending between $200 and $500 of their own money on supplies each year.

Don Polec’s kid has the starring role in the big new ‘Bat Out of Hell’ musical

And, yes, you can see the resemblance to the wild-eyed local TV personality who reported goofy Action News features for a couple decades.