I have no idea whether Sarah Palin snorted coke, smoked pot or cheated on her onetime boyfriend Todd with a college basketball star.
If she did, shame on her.  Unlike some political liberals, I don’t think that cheating and drug use are excusable offenses (See Clinton, Bill and National Organization for Women, Silence.)
But I do have a slight problem with those who think that so-called hypocrisy is worse than any other possible offense.
That, apparently, is the implication in today’s Daily News cover story by Ronnie Polaneczky, which takes the big news of the day (no, not Bob Turner’s decimation of the Democrat in Anthony Weiner’s old district) and makes good use of a fabulous photo of the lipstick-wearing pit bull.
Joe McGinnis, a writer whose work I like, has a scathing expose coming out this month about the ex-governor, current bus rider. (I like his stuff so much, I can’t wait to read his next blockbuster exposing all of the youthful indiscretions ‘blowing’ through President Obama’s past.)  
Not all of the juicy allegations are proven, or even confirmed.  In fact, no less than Howard Kurtz has opined that the claims are “caustic, unsubstantiated gossip from unnamed sources.”
But if they’re true, they cast a poor light on a woman who causes liberals to have epileptic fits when they hear her name (it’s like she’s a high-pitched tone and they’re all dogs.)
I’m not here to defend Sarah.  What I don’t cotton to is this shallow argument that she can be a raunchy, hot mess and that’s perfectly okay, but she just shouldn’t lie about it.
Or as Ronnie puts it:
In the broadest sense, I don’t care about any of this.  If we’re lucky, we get about 80 years to stumble around this planet as best we can, making fools of ourselves some years making ourselves proud other years-aiming, over time, for a decent life.  Sounds as if Palin’s life has been as stumble-and-pride filled as anyone’s.
What I care about is that her rhetoric reflects an intolerance of those whose lives have been as interesting as hers has been.
Hm.  Cheating and drugging are now ‘interesting.’
I respectfully disagree.  Which, I guess, makes me as intolerant as the next pit bull.