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Meyer on Morris

Now here's a coffee table book good for at least a mug or two ... Paul Meyer, director of the Morris Arboretum, is the author - or should I say author/photographer - of a new book showcasing his images of this beautiful place.

Paul is a talented photographer. His book is available now at the arboretum gift shop for $39.95. It'll also be in the Penn bookstore in a month or so.

Paul's lovely images are familiar to friends of the arboretum; they're featured in the all the newsletters, reports and other communications. Nice having in-house talent!

For folks who love this place, and I know there are many, the book is a great post-holiday gift. I often page through the Chanticleer book by Rob Cardillo (images) and Adrian Higgins (words), enjoying the light, the color and design, and the many facets of each season.

Perhaps calling these coffee table books isn't quite adequate. They also offer insights and ideas about photographing plants and gardens.

When I get a copy of Paul's book, I'll be sure to tell you all about it online and in the paper. After I've feasted on the photos, of course.