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Oh, the stink

The scent of paperwhites

The scent of paperwhites is definitely up the nose of the beholder. My Narcissus tazetta 'Zivas' are blooming beautifully in the kitchen but oh, the stink. My husband does not consider this a stink. It's a fragrance, and he likes it. But that first blast when you come home from work is a shocker. Whew! Is it ... burnt wires? Musk? Where's the litter box? But there's a reason Zivas are so popular. They sprout in no time. About a month, in my case, and once they start, they shoot up quickly. (This means you can pot some up and be assured of a great Christmas gift -- there's still time!) They're a classic, pure white. They're soo easy. You don't even need to "plant" them, at least not in the traditional way. Stick 'em in a shallow pot with potting soil or pebbles; just make sure the roots are covered and kept moist. And look how pretty. Worth toughing it out, I'd say, even if you have to hold your nose.