A portion of the state Capitol was closed for about an hour today after a clerk discovered a suspicious enveloped mailed to Gov. Rendell was leaking a white powder.

The FBI has investigated the substance and has concluded that it is not toxic and believe it to be infant cereal, according Ed Myslewicz, a spokesman for the state Department of General Services.

The envelope was discovered about 2 p.m. and police shut down a section of the Capitol one floor below the governor's office in an area where Rendell's mail is opened.

The area was lockdown and, according to Myslewicz, the employees in the area were asked not to leave because of possible exposure. Authorities determined there was no risk and reopened the area about 45 minutes later.

It was unclear whether the envelope contained a letter or anything else. It was postmarked from Texas, similar to other envelopes that have been sent to more than 40 governors in state capitols around the nation this week.